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Shanice Robinson, professionally known as “Penelope” was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the tender age of 10, Shanice developed an extraordinary sensitivity to others' emotions. As she sought to find an outlet for expression of these feelings, Shanice found herself writing short stories, poems and heartfelt songs.

Performing was an inevitable outcome as this courageous child longed for touching people with her artistry.

This Millennial named Penelope was discovered by ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC while doing community work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The combination of Penelope’s mindset to bring awareness to mental health and her talented way of conveying messages through song suggests that she will carry her weight with the top tier performing artists. Penelope’s timeless songwriting coupled with her southern delivery and a tone reminiscent of thee Toni Braxton has ThatHUBBLife ENT totally invested to share her gift to the world. “The Ballad- dictorian” is grabbing listening fans of Adele and making them share their loyalties with her.


It was very easy to detect he had a passion for music but also through the chats with our social worker we discovered Mr. Hubb was dealing with a lifetime of trauma. From those experiences he dealt with, he was eager to share his life through music. A fantastic songwriter and storyteller

We have released four singles and produced four music videos to support his EP. Whether the songs express love, pain, depression or complete bliss, Mr. Hubb takes your mind and heart on an emotional rollercoaster. He has appeared in over 50 blogs, podcast shows and through our marketing campaign we set forth for Mr. Hubb, he has garnered the attention from Music Industry Executive “Knobody”.  Knobody produced a track for Mr. Hubb feat. the Legendary rapper CL Smooth that will appear on the soundtrack of Bruce Willis’ last movie he will appear in titled “Assassins”  distributed by Paramount films in May of 2023.

Mr. HUBB’s music can and will take you to a emotional dimension that pulls so many emotions out of you.