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Work in Africa: Komahill Academy

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Komahill Academy is located in a small village in Kericho, Kenya. There are many orphans and single mothers in this village. There is one small school in this village which was opened by a retired school principal and retired minister after the one school burned down.  The cost for tuition for one school year is $344 per student.  Many of the single mothers and guardians of the orphans cannot afford this tuition.  

To date, 45 students are being sponsored to attend school. There are many many more on the waiting list and the school is in need of many things as well. In addition, the mothers in the village are in need of work.  

Instead of soley relying on sponsors and donated money, we are creating a self-sustaining income generating project in the village. This is a farm project that will generate income each year for student tuition, school needs and money to feed and house families.  The farm will employ the mothers and women in the village, creating a pathway to self empowerment, empowerment and financial independence.  

​If anyone would like to learn more about this project and how you can help, please contact Phoenix Crosby at 908-902-3209, or email 

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