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Education is the Passport to the Future

In order to sustain FP YouthOutCry’s continuous growth and success through healing and the arts, we have established a new arts and trauma center – The H.U.B.B. (Help Us Become Better) which will house FP’s three key disciplines that embodies healing: Entertainment, Education and Empowerment.

Happy Kids with Books


FP is committed to improving the lives of at-risk youth, their families, and our community. Attracting and involving at-risk youth to participate in positive alternatives to negative activities is a hallmark of FP Youth OutCry. The vast majority of the participants we serve are African American and Latino youth living in the City of Newark and its surrounding cities.

Many of these youth live below the poverty line in drug infested neighborhoods. These youth are at risk to engage in delinquent behavior such as using drugs and alcohol, dropping out of school, joining gangs and engaging in violence. The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center intervenes by providing these youth with positive role models and activities that encourage healthy psychological, social and physical development.

Check out student testimonials below.

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