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There is always an opportunity to learn.

This facility will focus on educational enrichment programs, academic support services for youth and their parents and also events that will assist in workforce development while entertaining and empowering participants.

Home School


We partner with schools throughout the city to provide classes in radio broadcasting, music production, filmmaking, and photography. Together, these non-traditional skills can lead to fulfilling careers in media production, a rapidly growing field. Students utilize a wide variety of technology, professional equipment, and practice using various software programs to gain value skills while learning in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. 


Working in groups, students practice teamwork and compromise and have the opportunity to direct productions in order to develop important leadership skills. Students lead the creative process and make the projects from start to finish. Our teachers provide the tools, and guide children through finding the answers to challenges as they arise. Through learning how to operate a camera, professionally record audio, and edit it all into a compelling package, students obtain a vital set of skills that will continue to help them both in school and in their future endeavors, even if they choose a different direction than journalism.

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