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FP YouthOutCry Foundation, Inc.

(D.B.A The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center)


is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Newark, NJ. The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center is located at 135 Prince Street in Newark, NJ nestled on the site of a subsidized housing complex, a neighborhood of low-to very low-income families of color. The HUBB has become a beacon, offering beneficial activities and opportunities to our neighbors, in an ongoing attempt to build equity. This has included job fairs, health screenings, and discussions on mental wellness, violence, and abuse. Local officials also call upon us to host events where they engage with constituents. Because of this trend in programming, The Mayor of Newark appointed us as its 8th "Center of Hope."

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Arts Therapy

(Audio Technology, Video Production, Radio Broadcasting, Photography, That HUBB Life ENT)

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Afterschool, Summer Learning, Tutoring



Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Parenting Support (FIST)

The HUBB Help


Trauma Recovery Center

Mental Health Counseling

Assertive Outreach

Our Mission

To increase opportunities for success by providing healing programs, services, and events for underserved youth and their families through experiences that

Entertain, Educate and Empower!

Executive Team

Al-Tariq W. Best

CEO/Founder – The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center 

Founder - The HUBB HELP Youth-Focused Trauma Recovery Center for Youth & Families 

Founder - ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC Newark, NJ

Commissioner/Elder Al-Tariq W Best has over 25-years of supervisory, operations management and multi-media technical experience. Best also has more than 30-years in the music industry as a performer, writer, and producer.

Al Tariq Headshot 2 (2).jpg

Chalynda Maynard,
B,S., LL.M

Chief Operations Officer, Newark, NJ


Chalynda Maynard, B.S., LL.M., is a seasoned Operations Leader recognized for her unwavering commitment to driving business success. With a solid educational foundation in both the sciences and law, Chalynda possesses a unique blend of analytical prowess and legal expertise. Throughout her career, she has consistently identified opportunities to enhance business operations, always with an eye on optimizing financial performance. A passionate innovator, Chalynda thrives on creating strategic solutions that elevate efficiency and profitability, marking her as an invaluable asset in any business environment.

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Bob Headshot 4.jpg

Robert Patrick & Co. CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Patrick is the founder and Managing Partner of Robert Patrick Company a regional professional consulting firm that specializes in CFO consulting services with offices in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As Managing Partner, Bob assists in growing the firm’s mid-market and growth company practice.

dr. waffiyah .JPG

Dr. Waffiyah Saleem


Dr. Waffiyah Saleem is an acclaimed culturally responsive wellness practitioner with 20 years of diverse experience in Child Protection, Higher and Secondary Education. She is also the founder of She MATTERS. Her work stretches globally and locally partnering with multiple agencies addressing Gender Based Violence. She is committed to lifting marginalized communities and closing the equity gap in healing through bringing awareness, sharing in advocacy, encouraging responsibility, exchanging in engagement, and supporting resilience. Her charismatic and infectious spirit ushers a pursuit of igniting purpose, inspiring self-discovery, introducing possibilities and invites wellness & belonging. Dr. Waffiyah Saleem subscribes to the Ethiopian Proverb, “S/He who learns, teaches.”

Management Team

Sabryia Reese

Director of Branding and Marketing

Sabryia Reese is the dynamic Director of Branding and Marketing, celebrated for her adeptness in crafting compelling brand narratives and spearheading innovative marketing strategies. With an innate ability to understand market trends and audience preferences, Sabryia consistently positions brands at the pinnacle of their industries. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her visionary approach, has led to transformative results for organizations, solidifying her reputation as a leading force in the branding and marketing arena.

SB pic.jpeg

Aldwan Lassister "Qua z mo"

Director of Tech/Media, Newark NJ​

Aldwan Lassiter,, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration at the forefront of The HUBB—a platform synonymous with opportunities and enlightenment. Rooted deeply in the belief that our youth carry the torch of greatness, Aldwan is dedicated to guiding them towards realizing their potential. Through a blend of education and empowerment, he envisions a brighter future where the young minds of today are equipped not just for their personal growth, but also for the betterment of their families and the broader community.

Monique2 (1)_edited.jpg

Monique Fletcher

Programs Manager

Indo Headshot 4.jpg

Marcus “Indo” Neal

Operations Manager, Newark NJ


Newark born and raised, Marcus "Indo" Neal has a BA in Sociology from Syracuse University. He has over 15 years of entertainment experience which includes producer and songwriter (HeyIndo) as well as featured on DJ Clue blasted off the single “Up Again” on Power 105.1 FM.


Indo has utilized his industry and technology skills to maintain a systemic flow of operations for The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center. As well as using his degree in Sociology to facilitate male group workshops as a therapeutic arts mentor for the youth.

Development Manager

Virginia Kemp-Andrews

(Interim) Finance Manager

Programs Manager Assistant (Mentee)

Support Team

Administrative Assistant


Executive Assistant to Chiefs


Therapy & Clinical Team

james .jpeg

James DeSantis, JD, MSW,

Clinical Director, LCSW (Psychotherapist)

phoenix site pic.png

Phoenix Crosby, LCSW

Co-Clinical Director (Holistic Therapist)


Manajah Jones

Manager, Victim Services

Adina Headshot  3.jpg

Adina Nance

Victim Advocate


Sherri Butler

Victim Advocate




Facilities Manager Assistant (Mentee)

Case Manager


Lynn Smith

Adult Outside HRI

Juan "SupaEars" Gomez

Therapeutic Arts Mentor - Music Manager Newark, NJ


The HUBB is an escape from the norm for most of the kids we cater to. This place represents a place for both the staff and young adults to express their innermost thoughts without judgment or harsh criticism. A place where growth & guidance, both mental and emotional, can be administered in a safe and understanding environment. Like a big brother/sister and in some cases parental interaction. 

Supaears Headshot 4.jpg
Adrian Headshot 4.jpg

Adrian Johnson

Facilities Manager, Newark NJ


The H.U.B.B. means a safe place for youths and families in need of 
assistance. I am the Facilities Manager and it is my pleasure to assist families with food insecurities and provide opportunities for the families to come to our HUBB Food Pantry on Fridays. Also, give them a sense of people caring for them.


I look forward to being able to continue to do what I do and be a light for our youths and families.

Ox Headshot 2.jpg

Terrence “Ox” Byrd

Adult Inside HRI

High Risk Interventionists Team

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Breaunna McCray

High Risk Interventionist, Newark, NJ

Adult Inside/Outside HRI

Breaunna McCray was born and raised in Newark, NJ. A graduate of Weequahic high school in 2009 unfortunately she had no real guidance early on in life so she (just like so many other youths in inner cities) became a product of their environment and early Breaunna didn't make the best choices. This led her to have an eye-opening experience when she herself was a victim of gun violence in 2014 and was shot a number of times which ended up with the loss of her best friend who was the intended target. Breaunna almost lost her life, needed 13 blood transfusions, and was in a coma walking away with both mental and physical scarring.

8 Headshot 4.jpg

Shadee "8 The Great" Dukes

High Risk Interventionist Supervisor Newark, NJ

Lead High-Risk Interventionist at the HUBB and co-founder of New Direction. New Direction founded in 2021 exists to provide alternative education and employment opportunities for youth and adults that are at-risk and high-risk individuals in our community, who are also victims of traumatic experiences living in underserved communities like Newark, NJ.

Rashon Vines

Adult Inside/Outside HRI

Sadajha Scott

Adult Inside/Outside HRI

Darnae Thomas

Adult Inside/Outside HRI

Felicia Holt

Adult Outside HRI

Youth High Risk Interventionists Team

Terrence Robinson

Youth HRI Inside/Outside

TahGee Vandunk

Youth HRI Inside/Outside

Safe Passage HRI Team

Steven Twitty

Safe Passage/HRI

Jakim Pickering

Safe Passage/HRI

Jamal Rhymes-Bey

Safe Passage/HRI

In-School Jr HRI


Board of Directors

Board Member Headshot 10.jpg

Pamela McCauley

Dr. Juan Headshot 4.jpg

Dr. Juan Rios

Board Member Headshot 4.jpg

Charles Williams

Joseph Johnson


Elizabeth Weisholtz

Kevin Miles

In Memorium


Kasim Samad

Arts Therapy Mentor

Kasim Samad is one of the original members of Newark’s Flip City Tumblers, a non-profit formed in the early ‘70’s. The Newark-based group achieved position as “the winningest team in the history of tumbling.” Kasim was a strong tumbler, who along with other members, dominated tumbling competitions and walked away with more first-place titles than any of the 200 other teams in the country.

Ms. Jackie Headshot 4.jpg

Jacqueline Bostic

CalderHUBB GrandmomCamp Kilmen, New Brunswick, NJ

I’m at the Hubb because I love listening to the youth and sharing information. They educate me on new terminology and things going on in the world today. There’s so much that’s new to me and so much that stays the same. Working here has helped me to bridge the gap between those things. 


I hope to accomplish helloing the youth go to school, graduate and be something in life. It’s more to the world than Newark, talk to them about traveling and show them how to expand their potential. 

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